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While the government is being made to maintain status quo, the party organisation is also following a similar pattern. Barring a show-cause notice issued to BJP MP Rekha Varma and BJP MLA Shashank Trivedi who entered into a brawl in  public, the party has chosen to turn a blind eye to legislators who have been caught on camera abusing and manhandling  officials.Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey was appointed UP BJP chief four months ago, but he is still to make changes in the party organisation."Only those leaders from the party organisation who are now working in the government will be replaced. Despite a majority of 325 in a House of 403, the BJP is in no mood to disturb the status quo.  Reports of growing discontent, however, did surface at a recent coordination meeting convened by the RSS, but all sides were asked not to aggravate the situation. The rest of the team will not be disturbed," a party functionary said.To begin with, the BJP is faced with problematic allies in  China THREADED STUD UP — the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party (SBSP) in particular.of the RSS.When Yogi Adityanath took over as Uttar chief minister 10 months ago, his tone and tenor seemed that of a no-nonsense politician — one who would break rather than bend.  

Mr Adityanath, as well as the BJP, are aware that with the Lok Sabha elections round the corner, they can hardly afford to shake the apple cart. SBSP president Om Prakash Rajbhar has been issuing ultimatums to the BJP on various issues and is known to misbehave with officials. The SBSP wields considerable influence over Rajbhar community, an important part of the most backward caste votebank.                                                    Lucknow: The BJP in Uttar Pradesh doesnt want to disturb the placid waters in the party and the government by effecting changes that could make  both of them responsive and vibrant.However, 19 months later he seems to have reconciled to the system and is apparently in no hurry to break the shackles.Though Mr Adityanath has pulled up the SBSP leader, who is also a minister, on two occasions, the BJP knows it cannot afford to let go of this ally.There are also a bunch of ministers whom the chief minister would like to get rid of at the earliest for reasons that range from under-performance to reports of corruption and defiance of orders.Sources said that if the Cabinet reshuffle does take place, it may lead to only cosmetic changes.Despite reports of these, the chief minister has avoided taking action. There have been about a dozen cases caught on camera showing BJP leaders misbehaving and these have gone viral on social media, tarnishing the image of the party and the state government.The BJP is also avoiding  action against members violating party discipline.                                                        BJP chief Amit Shah and Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath at a party meeting in Lucknow.Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey was appointed UP BJP chief four months ago, but he is still to make changes in the party organisation. Prominent among those who have shifted to ministerial positions from the party  include Swatantra Dev Singh, Anupama Jaiswal (both general secretaries), Ashutosh Tandon, Dharampal (both vice-presidents), Rajesh Agarwal (treasurer) and Swati Singh (head of Mahila Morcha). It is better to let things remain as they are, rather than ruffle feathers unnecessarily," said senior party functionary.Most of the ministers have also been going against the diktats of the chief minister — whether it is declaration of assets, allowing relatives to take government contracts and flaunting VIP status."The much-awaited Cabinet reshuffle is being repeatedly put off because the party high command does not want any trouble erupting in Uttar Pradesh, which will single-handedly decide the outcome of the  Lok Sabha polls

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